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Upcoming Project: Miscast 2019

See Vicki Trask Perform! One of the most incredible highlights of the 2017/18 Season, the MisCast fundraiser is back and just as big as ever.  This is a wonderful way to see all the emerging artists from the Calgary musical theatre scene in one show.  Last year more than 70 actors graced the StoryBook stage presenting songs they might not normally ever be considered to perform and the night was an electric pulse of theatre gold. Join us this year for a repeat performance (featuring 20 of Calgary's emerging artists), once again hosted by the tremendously talented Steven Morton! October 28 2019 Directed by Steven Morton Beddington Theatre Arts Centre

Upcoming Project: The Neverending Story

See Vicki Trask as Ygramul and Others! Hiding in a closet to avoid school bullies, ten-year-old Bastian becomes immersed in a strangely compelling book: the tale of a hero’s quest to save the realm of Fantastica from the encroaching terror of the Nothing. But is Bastian just a reader of this extraordinary story – or a vital part of it? ​ Filled with spectacle and wondrous other-worldly creatures, this beautiful tale of the trials of childhood and the triumph of creativity will delight and inspire the whole family. February 14-March 14 2020 Directed by JP Thibodeau Beddington Theatre Arts Centre